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Scaling New Heights with Advanced Cloud Computing Solutions.

Efficiency is the cornerstone of any sustainable and successful business and an easy way efficiency is to be organised and have a plan that everyone is on borad with. We at Sarsan Infotech Understand how a business truly funcations and are able to set up system that guide and ensure an output that is of the highest quality

Cloud Computting

One way to bring in organisation and by extension efficiency is with the help of cloud technology. The correct use of cloud technology ensures that everyone has access to the required documents, maybe even department wise, enabling one to be fast, have easy access and the most important of them all, be efficient.

Why Choose us

With our expertise in cloud technology, we can help you predict customer behaviour, develop a marketing strategy, streamline the company’s workflow, aid in training and skill development, give you a centralised data centre, and consolidate your operations for seamless client handling. Today, businesses need to stay on the top of their game and slowly but steadily make the shift to a digital platform, which is going to be the future. Let the team at Sarsan Tech help you adapt to the changing times, scale your services and deliver with an agility that is unmatched.


0.1 Identifying the problem

Identifying a specific business problem or opportunity that can be addressed using cloud computing technologies.

0.2 Requirements gathering

Gathering and documenting the requirements for the cloud computing solution, including functional requirements, performance requirements, and security requirements

0.3 Architecture design

Designing the architecture for the cloud computing solution, including determining the appropriate cloud platform, selecting the appropriate services, and designing the solution’s infrastructure.

0.4 Development

Developing the cloud computing solution, including writing the code, building the infrastructure, and integrating any necessary external systems or APIs.

0.5 Testing and Quality Assurance

Testing the cloud computing solution, including functional testing, performance testing, and security testing, to ensure that it meets the requirements and is ready for deployment.

0.6 Deployment and launch

Deploying the cloud computing solution, including setting up the necessary infrastructure, configuring the solution settings, and launching the solution.

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