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Problem solving needs a mind that is focused and is yet to see a bird’s eye view of the situation at hand. Each member at Sarsan Infotech comes from a background embedded in problem solving and looking at the bigger picture

Quality Engineering

Effective implementation of Quality Engineering solutions in your organisation enables effective communication between various departments and leads to effective incorporation of feedback. Implementing effective Quality Engineering solutions improves digital product quality and reduces costs. through more efficient processes. Proper implementation enables your organisation to produce high quality digital products that perform better and exceed expectations.

Why Choose us

Sarsan Infotech guides you every step of the way to ensure that systems work for you, instead of you working for them. We also believe in you needing to be self-sufficient to be able to take your company to the heights it is capable of and so training you with the technical know-how is also a big part of our team’s job.Last but not the least, we make commitments for the long run. The Sarsan Tech team is always available at the backend to support and guide the company and their employees to ensure that the engineering solutions are true to the company’s nature and of the highest quality. Focused on usability, reliability and performance, the team at Sarsan Tech uses a range of testing and quality assurance techniques to match and even exceed industry standards.


0.1 Identifying the problem

Identifying a specific quality problem or opportunity that can be addressed using quality engineering techniques.

0.2 Requirements gathering

Gathering and documenting the requirements for the solution, including functional requirements, performance requirements, and quality requirements.

0.3 Planning

Planning the quality engineering activities, including determining the scope of the project, identifying the test cases and test scenarios, and creating a test plan.

0.4 Designing

Designing the test cases, test scenarios, and test scripts that will be used to evaluate the product or system.

0.5 Development & Execution

Developing the test cases, test scenarios, and test scripts. Executing the test cases, test scenarios, and test scripts, and documenting any defects or issues that are identified.

0.6 Analysis

Analyzing the test results, including identifying any trends or patterns in the defects or issues that were identified.

0.7 Reporting

Reporting the test results to key stakeholders, including business leaders and decision-makers, in a way that is clear, concise, and actionable.

0.8 Maintenance and monitoring

Monitoring and maintaining the product or system, including monitoring the product or system’s performance, troubleshooting any issues that arise, and performing regular software updates and upgrades.

0.9 Root Cause Analysis

Conducting Root Cause Analysis to identify the underlying cause of defects or issues that have been identified and implementing corrective actions to prevent recurrence.

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